Kamiya Hiroshi 4th Single “Start Again” Released!!

Famous Voice Actor Kamiya Hiroshi has released his 4th Single titled Start Again in January 29th 2014. 


His new songs indicates new start and determine to face new challenges!! 

Start again is released in two version, Regular and Limited Edition. 

CD tracklist
3.Shall We Circus!
DVD tracklist

Here’s some questions and answer with Kamiya Hiroshi about his new single taken from anican.jp (please correct if there’re some mistakes in translating because I’m horribly bad at it)

Q: Start Again is in serious tone driven by cool dance tone

K: It was arranged more dance-able, but now it’s a little calm. This melody is taken from some candidates that collected different perspective from so far from the director but the result is too hard to align smartly cool melody from the contents

Q: Final lyrics “Start tomorrow by your feet” it’sso simple and easy to understand.

K: Let me state a keyword such as”make a new start to the next target” or “Grab something to the end of the effort” from me. “Stretch hands enought to grasp even the sky” i feel certain in shade and i’m so happy.

Q: Why use “Start Again (Restart) as the theme of the song?”

K: This is my 5th year from the beginning of my activities in Kiramune, and partly because changed environtment, new director and new PV Director

Q: What’s your favorite phrases?

K: “What has been lost when only the same number of important things to make sure it’s not rust” or sense of “hurt again” and come out to the last phrase. It’s totally cool and picture struggling in order not to waste experience and to start well.

Q: “To see some attempt at the end” or “Not forget” and “Don’t forget” I can feel the strength of will and determination there

K: Success and frustration over the experience make me able to be stronger

Q: The song “Three leaves clover/三つ葉のクローバー it’s such a refreshing song that depict everyday life

K: It’s second song picked because it’s close to the taste and flow of first song. With a soft melody, so close with songs i have sung ever, you can easily listening it and easy to accept.

Q: You sing a little happiness

K: When you cut one scene of everyday life, it makes me realize that “smell of burnt coffee bread tastes best” and will realize “may be this is happiness”

Q:  Refreshing voice and gentle lyrics are so heart-healing

K: If you think about “What you say” so be careful from signal of the heart (laugh). Hanging on the song, to listen “a little bit of unsatisfactory maight be a happiness”and i suddenly thought and feel it.

Q: It’s happy party tune in “Shall We Circus”

K: Using horn from the director, you can feel bright song but clumsy, I proposed and I like the song. This is from Program Kirafest, even in fast tempo, many characters in lyrics, it’s fun even it’s hard to sing (laugh)

Q: The lyrics is picture of boys try hard to entertain his favorite child

K: Man’s failure is seems so bad for women and it related to us, it would be difficult and still so poor after all (laughs). I haven’t done part “La Pa Do it Do Pa Pa” in that taste. But I will go up even if it’s singing such phrase

Q: your figure is so cool in sandy PV of Start Again too

K: When typhoon approached we were shooting in the coast. Windy sand enters the mouth and my hair is messy. But the staffs have boards to prevent the wind surround me desperately. The light is so dazzling too and my eyes is thinner than usual (lol).

Q: But you were able to take in the video and get good texture in the dark sky, clouds, and sandy beach

K: Director said as an image in the spectacle of nature rather than CG. Just behind the surfers we’re doing riding closer to the rear. It became a good video thanks to the staff’s hard work.

Q: And also, talk about shooting jacket

K: in PV shooting day, it’s filmed in studio. Concept of the songs as well as new Kamiya Hiroshi, representation and image i tried to represent, past and future, three types In the same place in each scene to shoot. I also look forward to the complete form.

Q: And this is 5th Anniversary of your music Activity!

K: “Continuation is power” for me it’s still really new. Let me do Singing activities for 5 years was still unbelievable. To start the 5th year is this single but there’s Kirafes 2014 in March. I want loudly excitement with everyone in the 5th anniversary of Kiramune

Q:  The toward to 2014

K: 5th year of music career is what makes in any one year. I don’t know but this single is out, there’s Kirafes in March, with these goals first, we can do much. I choose fun year with everyone


 taken from: here ♪~(´ε` )*with super messy grammar and translation*

PS: Don’t forget you lucky Japanese people, you can go to screening and talk by lottery

you can get his autograph too in colored paper

*kill meeeeehhh*





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